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Pebeo Gedeo Modelling Tools

The perfect set of clay modelling tools for hollowing, engraving, smoothing and cutting.

The Gedeo Modelling Tools Set includes:

  • Trimming tool - For hollowing out and digging
  • Modelling tool - For sculpting and engraving clay
  • Rib tool - For smoothing and cutting clay
  • Cutting wire - For cutting cleanly through clay


Set Of 4 Assorted Tools

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Create different effects easily with these Mungyo Modelling tools. Set of nine assorted clay modelling tools with various shaped ends which are easy to handle. Their plastic and brightly coloured design makes Mungyo Modelling Tools perfect for kids. 


DAS Modelling Clay

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DAS Modelling Clay is an easily malleable, air-dry clay suitable for all modelling techniques.

It has a fine, smooth texture and can be used on various supports. Acrylic paints or varnishes can be applied to your DAS Modelling Clay creation as a finish.


DCT Extruded Polystrene Modelling Foam

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DCT Extruded Polystyrene Modelling Foam is made from a light-weight extruded white polystyrene. It's close tolerance, dust-free surface allows for excellent bonding to a wide variety of sheet materials. Perfect for model making!


Sculpey Modelling Clay

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Sculpey Modelling Clay is an oven-bake clay. It is soft, pliable and will not dry until it has been baked, allowing you to work on your project for as long as you need.

Once it has dried, Sculpey Modelling Clay can be drilled, carved, sanded, painted and varnished. Sculpey Modelling Clay is versatile and can be worked to create small intricate objects for doll houses, all the way up to models and large waterproof sculptures.