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Copic Multiliner SP Refill Cartridges

Copic Multiliner SP pens are designed to last. Their unique refill and replacement capacity extends the life of your pen’s indefiniately, allowing you to keep your Copic Multiliner SP pen forever thanks to replacement nibs and Copic Multiliner SP Refill Cartridges. Replacing ink with Refill Cartridges is easy - simply slide the ink cartridge out and slip in a new one. Invest in a special replacement tool and getting your Multiliner SP back to its amazing fluid flow and outstanding vibrant colour couldn’t be easier!

Copic Multiliner SP Refill Cartridges are Copic marker-compatible, waterproof, archival and highly pigmented. This makes them ideal for drawing comics, illustrations, papercrafts or any other project requiring rich colour and precision.

Multiliner Refill A fits these Multiliner SP pens:

  • 0.03mm
  • 0.05mm
  • 0.1mm

Multiliner Refill B fits these Multiliner SP pens:

  • 0.2mm
  • 0.25mm
  • 0.3mm
  • 0.35mm
  • 0.5mm
  • 0.7mm
  • Brush

When replacing an ink cartridge with a Multiliner SP Refill Cartridge, leave your pen to rest for a minute or so and then get back to drawing. Using your pen will feel just like the first time you held it.










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Copic Multiliner SP Nibs

FROM $4.60

With Copic Multiliner SP Nibs there’s no reason to ever throw away your Copic Multiliner SP. Copic Multiliners are designed to last and with specially designed SP Changer tools, replacing parts and refilling ink is fast and easy. Why throw away your multiliner if you don’t have to?

Copic Multiliner SP Nibs come in different sizes to suit all types of Multiliner SP pens and applications. Replace old or damaged nibs quickly and experience your Multiliner SP as new again. Whether you’re getting ready for your next Manga, calligraphy, illustration, scrapbook, journal or drawing project, prepare yourself with a new Multiliner SP Nib. Nibs can be purchased individually or as a two-pack.

Compatible with Copic Markers, a Copic Multiliner SP is a tool every artist should have in their creative collection. Available in a huge range of colours they are perfect for projects where smooth fluid lines and precision are key. Ink is high quality, waterproof and copic proof.

Please note that Copic Multiliner SP Nibs are a practical alternative to steel nib technical pens and are compatible with the Copic Multiliner SP only. Nibs are best used on paper to maintain the shape of the felt tip for a longer time.


Copic Multiliner SP Set

NOW $57.30

The Copic Multiliner SP Set offers you a pack of hugely popular multiliner pens in a convenient clear case. Pigment based, acid-free and waterproof, Copic Multiliner SP is compatible with Copic Markers and ideal for drawing comics, illustrations, Manga, calligraphy, journalling, scrapbooking, doodling, technical drawing and more.

The Copic Multiliner SP Set is designed for lifetime use, just like Copic Marker Sets are. Simply replace the ink cartridges with new ones when ink gets low and replace damaged or tired nibs when required. This unique ‘forever own’ system makes a Copic Multiliner SP Set an economic, environmentally-friendly way of drawing.

For the artist chasing unsurpassed quality, you can’t go past a Copic Multiliner SP Set. Taking your ink work to the next level, add a set to your shopping basket today. You won’t regret it! Use on papers and cards, in fine art, for technical drawing, doodling and just about any application you can think of. Achieve vibrant and fluid results and draw confidently alongside your Copic Markers. We promise there’ll be no bleed! Ink is waterproof, copy-safe, acid-free and fade resistant and it will hold up well to layering.


Copic Multiliner SP

ONLY $12.50

The Copic Multiliner SP is a pigment-based, acid-free, waterproof pen made from durable aluminium containing permanent pigment-based ink that’s compatible with Copic Markers. The ideal multiliner for illustration, comic design, Manga, calligraphy, scrapbooking, journalling, doodling, technical drawing and more, the Copic Multiliner SP brings the fluidity of a multiliner into coloured form. For this reason, the SP range is popular with art and design students, crafts people, hobbyists, architects and drawing enthusiasts.

The Copic Multiliner SP is designed for lifetime use, just like Copic Markers. Simply replace the empty ink cartridges and nibs as needed and keep the life of your Multiliner going. Black is available in 10 sizes from ultra fine 0.03 to brush, while Colour SP is available in 0.3 and brush.

For the artist chasing unsurpassed quality, the Copic Multiliner SP will take your ink work to the next level. It’s fine nibs allow for precise detail and being copy-safe, acid-free and fade resistant, the Copic Multiliner SP is a must-have tool in your artistry belt. Use on papers and cards, in fine art, for technical design drawing, perspective drawing and more. Achieve vibrant results and rest assured that there will be no bleed when drawn over with other Copic markers.