Copic Multiliner Brush Pens

Copic Multiliner Brush Pens allow you to create smooth, fluid and technical strokes. Each multiliner contains pigment based ink that delivers good ink flow and ultra vibrant colours in your work. The ink is waterproof, copy safe, acid-free and fade resistant and it holds up well to layering. The ink will not bleed with water after the pen line has completely dried and will not smear when coloured over with Copic Markers.

Copic Multiliner Brush Pens are competitively priced and a must-have item for all artists. They’re the ideal choice when relying on consistent line flow and precision, the flow control outstanding. Use them when next trying your hand at perspective drawing.

There are nine different options of nib sizes in the range, with the small and medium brush tip meeting the most rigorous demands of inking work. Copic Multiliners are refillable and have replaceable nibs, making them long-lasting, economical, and environmentally-friendly.

Benefits include:

  • Pigment-based high quality ink
  • Waterproof, bleed-proof, acid-free, archival quality
  • Compatible with Copic markers
  • Photocopy-safe - does not dissolve toner
  • Refillable ink and replacement nibs

If you’re serious about ink work, you won’t be disappointed with the results of the Copic Multiliner Brush Pen. Pop one in your shopping cart today and give it a whirl.



Brush Tip Small


Brush Tip Medium