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Art Spectrum Oil Varnish

Art Spectrum Oil Varnish (Damar) protects oil and alkyd paintings from dust and other contaminants with a traditional gloss finish. Use Art Spectrum Oil Varnish (Damar) in a well ventilated area.



Damar 100ml



Damar 500ml



Damar 1L




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Art Spectrum Brush & Hand Cleaner

NOW $55.00

Art Spectrum Brush and Hand Cleaner exudes no potent fumes and is harmless on the skin, safely removing both oil and acrylic based paints from brushes, tools and hands. Restore stiff, old brushes and maintain soft and pliable bristles. Non-abrasive, non-toxic and biodegradable.


Art Spectrum Gloss Varnish

FROM $22.00

Quality gloss varnish suited to protect oil or acrylic painitngs. Ensure the painting is fully dry before the varnish is applied.


Art Spectrum Oil Paints 40ml

FROM $15.90

Art Spectrum Oil Paints are Australia's most traditional and respected oil paint. All colours are triple-milled to ensure every pigment particle is coated and evenly dispersed.

Pigments are chosen for purity and clarity, with Art Spectrum Oil Paints providing lasting brilliance and luminosity. The finest pigments are used in the maximum working strength to impart clean and superior colours.

Art Spectrum Oil Paints now include a unique palette developed for the Australian landscape.

Art Spectrum Oil Paints are also available in 150ml, 500ml, 1 Litre and 4 Litre sizes.

Hazardous (Hazardous)