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Art Spectrum Double Dippers

Double Dippers are designed to clip onto your palette while painting. Fill with your favourite medium to keep it contained and cover with the lid for storage.



Plastic Lid
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Art Spectrum Wax Medium

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Art Spectrum Wax Medium is added to oil colour to achieve a translucent effect. Low odour, ideal for artists' who are sensitive to the turpentine fumes.


Art Spectrum Hog Hair Brushes

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Suitable for use with oil or acrylic paint, Art Spectrum Hog Hair brushes contain soft hog bristles and have a long red handle.


Art Spectrum Hake Brush

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The Art Spectrum Hake Brush is a Japanese style paint brush ideal for washes, glazing and varnishing. The Art Spectrum Hake Brush is constructed using natural wooden handles and goat hair bound with fine wire.