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Art Spectrum Beeswax

Added to oil mediums and varnishes to add body and alter brushstrokes for a unique matte effect, Art Spectrum Beeswax is a must for both beginner and professional artists. Typically layered to create more opaque, translucent effects, it can be combined with coloured wax and collage materials, or scraped, textured or polished to a chosen finish.

Sold by weight rather than volume, Art Spectrum Beeswax can also be used for candle making, batik painting and timber polishes. At Discount Art N Craft Warehouse, we sell Art Spectrum Beeswax in pellet form and in 500g bags. Easily melted, they are perfect for encaustic art, varnishing, candle making and Batik applications.

As well as Art Spectrum Beeswax, Discount Art N Craft Warehouse supplies paints, brushes, canvases, casting, drawing materials, paper, inks, construction, calligraphy, kids activity packs and more. Proudly Australian owned, we’re competitive on prices and only too happy to help you find the ideal product for you.




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Quality gloss varnish suited to protect oil or acrylic painitngs. Ensure the painting is fully dry before the varnish is applied.


Art Spectrum Oil Varnish

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Art Spectrum Oil Varnish (Damar) protects oil and alkyd paintings from dust and other contaminants with a traditional gloss finish. Use Art Spectrum Oil Varnish (Damar) in a well ventilated area.


Art Spectrum Wax Medium

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Art Spectrum Wax Medium is added to oil colour to achieve a translucent effect. Low odour, ideal for artists' who are sensitive to the turpentine fumes.


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Art Spectrum Linseed Oil is used to enhance flow of oil colours and slow drying time. Ideal for wet-on-wet techniques, Art Spectrum Linseed Oil  can also be used to clean brushes.