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Ampersand Museum Series Aquabord

Ampersand Museum Series Aquabord is an absorbent, acid-free surface that is suitable for watercolour and gouache painting.
The textured clay surface of the Aquabord allows colours to retain their vibrancy and simulates the absorbency and texture of cold pressed watercolour paper. Colours can be lifted back to white easily.
Ampersand Museum Series Aquabord can also be used with acrylics. The surface won’t tear, shrink or buckle even with heavy water application.
Each board is 1/8"" (3.1mm) thick.



5" x 7" Flat Panel (1/8")



8" x 10" Flat Panel (1/8")



11" x 14" Flat Panel (1/8")



16" x 20" Flat Panel (1/8")




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Ampersand Museum Series Pastelbord

FROM $10.40

Ampersand Museum Series Pastelbord is a highly absorbent surface with a medium-texture surface. It is designed with pastels in mind and is great for artists. Pastelbord holds more layers of pastel than paper due to the tooth of the marble dust finish and it can be used for both wet and dry applications.

Pastelbord is protected with Ampersand’s iconic Archiva-Seal and is acid-free for your peace of mind.

Recommended for:
• Acrylic
• Charcoal
• Coloured Pencil
• Pastel
• Graphite
• Casein
• Mixed Media


Academy Canvas Boards

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Jasart Academy Canvas Boards are perfect for creating lightweight artworks or quick paint sketches. Triple primed with acrylic Gesso, these boards are ideal for beginners and professionals using Acrylic, Oil & Alkyds. Each canvas is die cut and glued onto a solid base, ready for you to use.

• Pre-gessoed with no additional priming required
• 100% Cotton canvas
• 280gsm Fine Grain – perfect for detailed work
• Acid Free with a solid MDF core


Ampersand Artist Panel

FROM $9.20

The Ampersand Artist Panel is a medium textured, non-absorbent panel perfect for painting with oils and acrylics.

Ideal for all painting styles, this ready to paint surface gives the artists the familiar feel of fine linen or canvas


Ampersand Museum Series Scratchbord

FROM $9.40

Ampersand Museum Series Scratchbord is a clay hardboard panel, coated in black India ink. When the surface is scratched is reveals the white surface underneath, allowing artists to make stark contrasts in their line work. For additional colour pair your Scratchbord with Ampersand Scratchbord Ink.
• Durable
• Easy to create designs on
• Acid-free
• Archival
• Pair with Ampersand Scratchbord tools to experiment with texture and marks