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Xyron 1255 Laminator

The Xyron XM1255 Laminator instantly applies laminate and adhesive without heat or electricity! Xyron's patented adhesives coupled with the high-pressure rollers, improve the transfer and bonding quality.

Drop-in cartridges allow for quick and easy application changes. Cartridges available in 100ft/30.5m rolls.

Permanent Hi-Tack: Extremely aggressive adhesive sets instantly, creating a permanent bond.
Permanent Standard Adhesive: Moderately aggressive adhesive creates a permanent bond, but can be touched to the surface and peeled back.
Repositionable Adhesive: Can be repositioned as it's easily removable from glass, walls, paper and most surfaces.
Two-Sided Standard-Use: High-gloss film offers superior adhesion & is comptaible with most media.



Permanent Hi-Tack Adhesive


Permanent Standard Adhesive


Repositionable Adhesive