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Winsor & Newton

Experience the outstanding quality of Winsor & Newton! Explore our extensive range of art supplies, featuring acrylics, watercolours, mediums, varnishes, brushes, and more!

Winsor & Newton, a pillar in the art community since 1832, is synonymous with quality and innovation in art supplies. Their watercolour paints, renowned for their brilliance and consistency, are crafted using the finest pigments, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting colours. Winsor & Newton's range includes various grades of watercolour paints, such as the professional-grade Artists' Water Colour and the more accessible Cotman Water Colours, catering to both experienced artists and beginners.

In addition to their exceptional watercolours, Winsor & Newton offers a wide array of other high-quality paints, including their Professional Acrylics, known for their rich texture and quick drying time, and the iconic Artists' Oil Colours, celebrated for their buttery consistency and superior pigment load. Their gouache paints, with their opaque finish and smooth application, are perfect for illustrators and designers.

Beyond paints, Winsor & Newton provides an extensive selection of high-quality brushes, papers, and mediums designed to enhance the creative experience. Their brushes, made with precision and care, offer excellent control and durability, while their specially formulated papers provide the perfect surface for achieving optimal results. Winsor & Newton's commitment to sustainability is also evident in their eco-friendly practices and responsibly sourced materials.

The brand's dedication to supporting artists extends to educational resources, workshops, and an active online community where artists can share their work and gain inspiration. Winsor & Newton's legacy of excellence and continual innovation ensures that artists have the tools they need to express their creativity fully. Explore our Winsor & Newton product page to find the perfect supplies to elevate your art.

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