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Tombow MONO Black Plastic Eraser

Easily remove graphite marks with the Tombow Mono Black Plastic Eraser. This soft plastic eraser can be used with little pressure and doesn't damage your paper, hiding any graphite residue.



Individual Eraser

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Tombow MONO Dust Catcher Eraser

NOW $4.85

Tombow Mono Dust Catcher Eraser is a non-abrasive block eraser made from black a black tacky polymer material.

Tombow Mono Dust Catcher Eraser erases cleanly with minimal pressure without scratching or tearing the paper surface and the eraser residue sticks to eraser rather being left on your artwork.


Tombow MONO Light Touch Eraser

NOW $3.30

Tombow Mono Light Touch Eraser lets you erase graphite pencil mistakes cleanly and effortlessly with a light touch, leaving your paper unwrinkled and undamaged.

Tombow Mono Light Touch Eraser is ideal for erasing on delicate papers, or require where multiple erasing is required.


Tombow MONO Plastic Eraser

NOW $3.35

Tombow Mono Plastic Eraser is a soft plastic eraser that won't damage your paper as it will easily remove marks cleanly with little pressure.


Tombow MONO One Erasers

FROM $6.35

Tombow MONO One Eraser is a 75mm long mini twist type eraser with the erasability of the block MONO eraser.

Tombow MONO One Eraser is compact and functional, featuring a rotary system to adjust length of the eraser and a protective cap.

The Eraser is 6.7mm in diameter.