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Tombow MONO Adhesive Permanent

Tombow MONO Adhesive Permanent roller holds 12m of glue tape and is refillable.

Tombow MONO Adhesive Permanent roller glue tape is photo safe and acid-free and creates a strong permanent bond when dry. The roller tip offer smooth application, perfect for corners and edges.



8.4mm x 12m Roller



Refill 8.4mm x 12m




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Tombow MONO Graph Multi Pen

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Tombow MONO Graph Pen is a multi-function pen combining a black ink pen, a red ink pen and a mechanical pencil in one.

Twist clip to interchange between pens and mechanical pencil. The black and red pens uses oil base inks with 0.5mm pen tip. The pencil uses 0.5mm lead.

Tombow MONO Graph Pen also comes with a high performing and refillable MONO eraser.