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The Color Wheel Company Guides

The Color Wheel Company Guides assist designers, crafters and painters to help create colour combinations and to understand colour relationships.

Colour Wheels from The Colour Wheel Company feature a two-sided rotating wheel and are UV coated to minimise fading and protect against moisture.



Colour Mini (13cm)



Colour Large (23cm)




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Figure Drawing: A Complete Guide Book

NOW $32.40

A comprehensive guide to figure drawing, this is an essential guide that includes an in-depth study of the human anatomy by master artist Civardi. Civardi elaborates on his technical and practical tips, including his own incredible drawings making this an essential resource for figure drawing. 

The Figure Drawing : A complete Guide Book compiles seven books from the successful Art of Drawing series that includes Drawing Techniques, Heads and Faces, Sketching People, Understanding Human Form and Structure, The Nude, Drawing Hands and Feet and Clothing on Figures.


Snazaroo Face & Body Paint Guides

FROM $7.30

Snazaroo Face & Body Paint Guides are instructional books. Titles for beginners include:

  • Step-by-Step Guide
  • First Faces

Titles for those after a challenge include:

  • Wild Faces

Drawing A Complete Guide Book

NOW $33.00

Drawing - A complete Guide by Giovanni Civardi is a must have for anyone learning to draw. This book includes basic drawing techniques as well as expert technical advice and practical tips, it is an invaluable resource for any artist.