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STAEDTLER Sandpaper Pack

STAEDTLER Sandpaper Pack is perfect forsharpening leads, drawing pencils, pastels, charcoal sticks, crayons, tortillions and paper stumps.

Contains 12 sheets of fine sandpaper mounted onto a wooden handle. 



Sandpaper Pack

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STAEDTLER Mars Plastic Eraser

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STAEDTLER Mars plastic product Eraser easily removes graphite marks from paper, matt drafting film or overhead transparencies. This eraser is virtually residue-free and with only minimal crumbling


STAEDTLER Mars French Curves Set

NOW $16.95

STAEDTLER Mars French Curves Set contains 3 french curves in different shapes. Each French Curve is made with durable plastic in transparent blue with inking edge.


STAEDTLER Mathematical Instruments Set

NOW $5.20

This set contains everything you need for accurate and precise measurements, lines and circles packed in a storage metal case. 

Set includes: 15cm ruler, 1800 protractor, 450 set square, 600 set square, Sharpener, Eraser, Pencil, Lettering guide, Compass with short needle safety point and self-centering mechanism, Dividers with short needle safety point and self-centering mechanism


STAEDTLER Mars Technico Clutch Pencil

FROM $21.90

The Staedtler Mars Technico Clutch Pencil is a quality 2mm mechanical pencil, ideal for drawing sketching and writing.

The Staedtler Mars Technico Clutch Pencil is availabe in two grades:

Professional #780 featuring a steel with metal clip push button grip zone and an intergrated sharpener in the push-button

Student #788 featuring an economical plastic barrel with metal clip

Image shows #780 Professional