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Reeves Watercolour Paper Packs

Reeves Watercolour Paper is ideal for use with watercolour paint but also works well with water based paints such as acrylic and gouache.

The 300gsm paper is acid free, ideal for artists of all types.













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Reeves Watercolour Paper Pads

FROM $7.90

Reeves Watercolour Pads are ideal for use with watercolour paints, watercolour pencils and light washes. Reeves Watercolour Pads include 12 sheets of paper, have a gummed binding and are portrait orientation.


Reeves Watercolour Paints 12ml

ONLY $6.65

Containing highly concentrated pure pigments, Reeves fine Artist Watercolour Paints offer quality and reliability. A selection of opaque, semi-transparent and transparent paints can be mixed together to create bright colours and finishes. Reeves Fine Artist Watercolour Paint can achieve granulating textural effects and flat un-textured washes.

Reeves Fine Artist Watercolour Paint should be used with specific watercolour paper to achieve desired results and maximise panting experience. It is easy to clean up and free from harsh chemicals. Reeves Fine Artist Watercolour Paint is suitable for students and professionals.


Reeves Mixed Media Paper Packs

FROM $11.45

Reeves Mixed Media Paper packs contain 6 sheets of quality 200gsm paper. Use with pencil, pens, marker or paint for drawing or painting practice.


Reeves Drawing Paper Packs

FROM $10.65

Reeves Drawing Paper Packs each contain 20 loose sheets of 135gsm quality acid free drawing paper.

This paper can be used with dry media such as pencils, pastels, charcoal, pens and markers.