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Reeves Oil Pastel Packs

Use Reeves Oil Pastels on drawing or pastel paper for the best results. Each pack contains popular assorted colours.

Round shape, fill in large areas of colour quickly as well as add detail.



Pack 12



Pack 24




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Reeves Drawing Pads

FROM $8.85

Reeves Drawing Pads are ideal for use with colour & sketching pencils, pen, pastels and light wash. Reeves Drawing Pads contain 50 sheets of 110gsm acid-free, white paper.


Reeves Soft Pastel Packs

FROM $33.60

Quality soft pastels made with high quality pigments held together by a binder. Reeves Soft Pastels are square shaped. Lay flat to block out large areas of colour. Use the pointed corners to add detail.

Best results when used with pastel or medium to heavy weight cartridge paper. Prevent your work from moving by applying a fixative.

Each pack contains popular colours. Packaging may vary.


Reeves Pastel Paper Pads

FROM $9.60

Reeves Pastel Paper Pads contain 15 assorted sheets of acid-free, 100gsm paper. Ideal for use with pastel, crayon, pecil and charcoal.


Reeves Water Soluble Wax Pastel Sets

NOW $25.65

Reeves Water Soluble Wax Pastels can be used wet or dry, for drawing and mixed media techniques. Strong colours and rich consistency. Sets contain assorted colours.

Use with drawing or painting paper as needed.