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Reeves Acrylic Painting Pad

The Reeves Acrylic Painting Pad contains 12 sheets of 300gsm white paper. Suitable for use with acrylic and poster paints.













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Reeves Acrylic Filbert Brush Set

NOW $21.80

Reeves Acrylic Filbert Brush Set offers a range of brushes ideal for acrylic painting and other water based paints. Made from white synthetic fibres which hold their shape while painting.

Filbert Brushes have an oval shape for a smooth, rounded stroke, blending and softening edges.

Reeves Acrylic Filbert Brush Set 5 includes: #2, #4, #8, #10, #12


Reeves Acrylic Complete Set

NOW $37.05

The Reeves Complete Acrylic Set is packed with quality art materials to get you started on your next acrylic painting!

Set contains:

  • 12x 10ml Reeves Acrylic Paint (Lemon Yellow, Medium Yellow, Brilliant Red, Crimson, Blue Lake, Phthalo Blue, Light Green, Phthalo Green, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna)
  • 2 x 22ml Reeves Acrylic Paint (Titanium White, Mars Black)
  • 3 Brushes (Flat #6, Round #5, Round #2)
  • 2 Sketching Pencils (B, HB)
  • 1 Eraser
  • 1 Sharpener
  • 1 Mixing Palette
  • 3 Painting Boards
  • 1 Plastic Painting Knife

Reeves Acrylic Starter Set

NOW $21.15

Reeves Acrylic Starter Set contains a selection of basic art materials, ideal for beginner artists. Reeves Acrylic Paint are highly pigmented, flexible when dry and can be easily cleaned up with water.

Set includes:

  • 6x 10ml tubes of Reeves Acrylic Paint in Titanium White, Phthalo Blue, Crimson, Mars Black, Medium Yellow & Yellow Ochre
  • 1x HB Pencil
  • 1x Brush
  • 1x Painting Board