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Posca Colour Pencil Set

The Posca Colour Pencil Set features a unique formula with more oil than wax, resulting in vivid and vibrant colours. Both technical and simple to use, Posca Colour Pencils offer many creative possibilities. Their easy-to-sharpen nib is effective for detailed work and filling in. Thick and robust, Posca Colour Pencils allow for saturation to achieve six levels of intensity. The smooth finish supports a variety of drawing techniques, including blending, stippling, hatching, free-shading, and outlining. These coloured pencils are perfect for both amateurs and experienced artists, suitable for drawing on all surfaces.

  • Bright: Allows to play with up to 6 degrees of chromatic intensity
  • Ergonomic: Its satin-soft body and its natural grip ensure great comfort even during prolonged use. 
  • Intense: The toughness of its nib allows to be pressed down and saturate the colour as much as possible.
  • Versatile: It is water-resistant and can easily be used with other techniques like watercolour, gouache and acrylics. 

Colours included in the set: Ash brown, Black, Blue, Blue Green, Bright Yellow, Brown, Coral Pink, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Dark Olive, Dark Red, Emerald Green, Fresh Yellow, Fuschia, Green, Green Tea, Grey, Ivory, Khaki Green, Lemon Yellow, Light Blue, Light Grey, Light Ochre, Light Orange, Light Pink, Lilac, Mauve, Navy Blue, Ochre, Orange, Pine Green, Prussian Blue, Red, Vermillon, White, Yellow



Set 36