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Plastic Palette & Paint Knives

Plastic Palette & Paint Knives are a safer alternative to metal knives, making them ideal for classroom use.



5 x Assorted Paint & Palette Knives Set



60 x Assorted Paint & Palette Knives Tub




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Reeves Watercolour Paints

ONLY $6.25

Containing highly concentrated pure pigments, Reeves fine Artist Watercolour Paints offer quality and reliability. A selection of opaque, semi-transparent and transparent paints can be mixed together to create bright colours and finishes. Reeves Fine Artist Watercolour Paint can achieve granulating textural effects and flat un-textured washes.

Reeves Fine Artist Watercolour Paint should be used with specific watercolour paper to achieve desired results and maximise panting experience. It is easy to clean up and free from harsh chemicals. Reeves Fine Artist Watercolour Paint is suitable for students and professionals.


Reeves Acrylic Paint

FROM $7.40

Reeves Acrylic Paint is a highly pigmented, vibrant acrylic with excellent coverage and lightfastness. It can be cleaned up with water and is flexible when dry. Reeves Acrylic Paint is excellent for textured effects and can also be thinned with water for watercolour techniques. Reeves Acrylic Paint is suitable for canvas, paper, wood and glass. The 4 metallic colours: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper can be mixed with standard colours to create a wide range of luminous metallics.


Reeves Gouache Paints 22ml

ONLY $10.00

Reeves Gouache Paints contain high quality pigments allowing you to use the colour by itself or mix it with water for a watercolour technique.

These colours are water-based giving you a matt semi-opaque or opaque coverage on your paper surface. Reeves Gouache Paints provide the flexibility to re-wet and re-work dried colour. They are also ideal for layering opaque colours.

Mix and match colours to create a wider colour palette!


Reeves Paper Palette Pads

FROM $17.50

Reeves Paper Palette Pads each contain 40 sheets of a paper that has been specially coated to stop paint seeping through. Simply use a sheet for your mixing and remove from the pad when finished.

The shape of the pads make them easy to hold, like a palette, great for expressive painting techniques. Use with acrylic or oil paint or any heavy bodied media.