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Nam Heavy Duty Drawing Tube

NAM Heavy Duty Drawing Tubes are extendable plastic tubes used to store and carry artwork, prints, plans and posters.

Made from a hard-wearing, stylish black PVC, NAM Heavy Duty Drawing Tubes also feature red trim and an adjustable nylon shoulder strap.



100mm x 910mm Tube



125mm x 1250mm Tube




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Florence Plan Tube

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Florence Plan Tubes will protect your drawings, plans and prints while you are on the go.

Constructed using hard board covered in black nylon fabric. Florence Plan Tubes feature nylon lining, a zippered end cap, an adjustable shoulder strap and foam carry handle.


Artlogic Plan Tube

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Carry your artworks, plans, posters and prints in Artlogic Plan Tubes. Made from a hard wearing plastic, it will protect your work while you are on the go. Artlogic Plan Tubes are ideal to use to when space is an issue!
Available in two sizes, in black with red trimming.