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Matisse Polyurethane Water-Based Satin Varnishes

Matisse Polyurethane Water-Based Varnishes provide a clear, non-yellowing and hard-wearing finish for all hard surfaces painted with acrylic colours. Quick-drying and flexible, Matisse Polyurethane Water-Based Varnishes are water & heat resistant, making them a very popular varnish used in folk art techniques.



Satin 250ml


Satin 1L


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Matisse Polymer Water-Based Varnishes

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Matisse Polymer Water-Based Varnishes serve as a finishing varnish or are freely intermixable with acrylic colours and mediums to achieve varying degrees of water resistance and flow. Use over dried, well-cured acrylic paints.

Matisse Polymer Water-Based Varnish - Gloss

  • Increases gloss & flow
  • Produces a strong, protective, tack-free, clear film
  • Effect resembles oil paint or shiny enamel

Matisse Polymer Water-Based Varnish - Matt

  • Use when a flat, matt or very low sheen is required
  • Suitable as protective coating over large works exposed to damage & paintings for floodlit photographic reproduction

Matisse Polymer Water-Based Varnish - Satin

  • Satin or mid-level sheen

Matisse Polyurethane Water-Based Gloss Varnishes

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Matisse Polyurethane Water-Based Gloss Varnishes is a very popular varnish used in folk art techniques, providing a clear, high gloss non-yellowing finish.


Matisse Turps-Based Varnishes

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Matisse Turps-Based Varnishes are ideal for use in retouching or restoring artwork. Producing a hard, non-yellowing and protective coating, Matisse Turps-Based Varnishes are quick drying and give your painting that final "glow." With Matisse Turps-Based Varnishes, a painting may be complertely cleaned and re-varnished without affecting the paint.


Matisse Clear Sealer

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Matisse Clear Sealer is specifcally formulated for folk art techniques on raw wood, glass, ceramics, terracotta pots and new metals.