Liquitex Large Broad Flat Freestyle Large Scale Brushes

The Liquitex Freestyle Large Scale Paint Brush range is designed to meet the expanding needs of acrylic artists. This paint brush features a comfortably large, non-slip handles are crafted from the highest quality seasoned hardwood and paired with superb synthetic bristle heads. Also featuring screwed, glued and rust-proof ferrules, the Liquitex Freestyle Large Scale Paint Brush range offers excellent durability in large-scale applications which require rugged tools.

Broad Flat Long handle is easy to grip, for quick, broad, gestural strokes on large-scale work. It can also be used for varnishing. Use this brush with acrylics or water-mixable oil paints

Broad Flat Short Handle is ideal for dragging, figuring, and varnishing large surfaces and walls with broad, gestured strokes. It can be used with acrylics and water-mixable oil paints



1" Broad Flat (Long-Handle)


2" Broad Flat (Long-Handle)


3" Broad Flat (Long-Handle)


4" Broad Flat (Long-Handle)


4" Broad Flat (Short-Handle)


6" Broad Flat (Short-Handle)


8" Broad Flat (Short-Handle)