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Liquitex Iridescent Tinting Medium

Liquitex Iridescent Tinting Medium allows the artist to control iridescent intensity to produce a custom range of iridescent or metallics, when mixed with acrylic paint. Opaque when wet and transparent to translucent when dry, Liquitex Iridescent Tinting Medium will not oxidize.




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Liquitex Fluid Pouring Medium

FROM $57.35

Liquitex Fluid Pouring Mediums contain acrylic resins to enhance adhesion and durability, making them more fluid in nature and able to reduce the viscosity of heavier paints and gels.

Explore the endless possibilities when using Liquitex Fluid Pouring Mediums:

  • Increase Flow
  • Dries transparent or translucent
  • Extends the volume of thin paint
  • Excellent archival adhesive for collage
  • Does not retain brush strokes

Liquitex Fluid Glazing Medium

FROM $35.90

Liquitex Fluid Glazing Mediums create brilliant, jewel-like glazes with acrylic colours. Excellent leveling & brushability. Liquitex Fluid Glazing Mediums are flexible, non-yellowing, and water-resistant when dry.


Liquitex Fluid Matte Mediums

FROM $25.10

Liquitex Fluid Matte Mediums can be added to acrylic paint to create a matte, non-reflecting finish. Opaque when wet and translucent when dry, Liquitex Fluid Matte Mediums are able to extend colour, increase transparency and ease paint flow, while adding to the flexibility and adhesion of paint.


Liquitex Gloss Medium

FROM $25.10

Liquitex Gloss Medium (was known as Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish) gives flow to heavy body paints. It helps maintain paint adhesion and durability and increases surface gloss.

Liquitex Gloss Medium is intermixable with the whole Liquitex range and can be mixed with matte medium to create satin fluid medium custom to your need.

Liquitex Gloss Medium is permanent, non-yellowing, flexible & non-cracking and water-resistant when dry. Can be used as an extender, fixative, ground or varnish.