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Liquitex Gel Gloss

Liquitex Gel Gloss is a high viscosity gel medium which dries to a crystal clear gloss. Perfect for a sparkling finish, transparent impastos and textured glazes, Liquitex Gel Gloss is an ideal paint extender and has the ability to increase the brilliance and transparency of a colour without changing it's "thickness."

Use Liquitex Gel Gloss as an extender, ground or binder for powder pigments.













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Liquitex Gloss Super Heavy Gel

FROM $84.00

Liquitex Super Heavy Gloss Gel is a very dense medium with high surface drag for a stiff, oil paint-like feel. In addition to keeping your paint workable for longer, Liquitex Super Heavy Gloss Gel extends paint volume while increasing brilliance, transparency and gloss. Perfect for use as an extender, ground, or collage & mixed-media adhesive.


Liquitex Gloss Varnishes

FROM $34.85

Liquitex Acrylic Polymer Varnishes are made from 100% polymer emulsions and form durable films when dry. Posessing excellent flexibility and resistance, Liquitex Acrylic Polymer Varnishes provide lasting protection against chemicals, water, abrasion & ultraviolet radiation.

Gloss - enhances colour intensity while increasing transparency & gloss. Eases paint flow while adding flexibility and improving adhesion


Liquitex Gloss Medium

FROM $24.35

Liquitex Gloss Medium (was known as Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish) gives flow to heavy body paints. It helps maintain paint adhesion and durability and increases surface gloss.

Liquitex Gloss Medium is intermixable with the whole Liquitex range and can be mixed with matte medium to create satin fluid medium custom to your need.

Liquitex Gloss Medium is permanent, non-yellowing, flexible & non-cracking and water-resistant when dry. Can be used as an extender, fixative, ground or varnish.


Liquitex Heavy Gloss Gel

FROM $34.85

Liquitex Heavy Gloss Gel is perfect for applications where paint needs to be thickened, but transparency increased. Posessing excellent binding qualities and drying to a translucent gloss finish, Liquitex Heavy Gloss Gel can be used to embed collage & 3D objects, or mixed with acrylic paint to attain an oil paint-like consistency.

Increasing acrylic paint body, density and viscosity, Liquitex Heavy Gloss Gel extends paint while increasing brilliance and transparency.