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Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste

Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste dries slowly to a hard, yet flexible surface. Adhering to any non-oily & absorbent surface, Liquited Flexible Modeling Paste can be used to build 3D form & heavy textures on supports that may be subject to movement.

Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste can also be mixed with acrylic colours to increase thickness and rigidity, while acting as a weak white tint.













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Liquitex Modelling Paste

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Liquitex Modeling Paste is a thick acrylic gel, blended with marble dust, which produces a strong & durable texture. Posessing an extra heavy body, while being very opaque, Liquitex Modeling Paste is perfect for building heavy texture on rigid supports and creating 3D forms. Liquitex Modeling Paste is an excellent substrate for acrylic & oil paints, as it adheres to any non-oil & absorbent surface.


Liquitex Light Modeling Paste

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Liquitex Light Modeling Paste is a lightweight, airy, flexible & thick sculptural gel. Highly versatile, Liquitex Light Modeling Paste has been specifically formulated to be used in applications where weight is a factor or to be used stand alone to create a dry, matte opaque white. Often used with texture gels, Liquitex Light Modeling Paste will not exhibit "mud cracking."