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Jasart Drawing Wallet Set

Jasart Drawing Wallet Set comes with everything you need to sketch and draw when you are on the move. This set comes with 12 essential grades of sketching pencils: 6B to 5H, an A5 drawing pad, a pencil sharpener and an eraser, all stored safe and securely in a stylish zip-up carry case with handle.



Drawing Wallet Set

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Jasart Sketch Pad

FROM $9.85

Jasart Sketch Pads contain 50 sheets of premium 100gsm cartridge paper. The Jasart Sketch Pads is suitable for pen & ink, calligraphy, technical pen, pencil & coloured pencil work.


Jasart Brush Wallet Sets

FROM $39.40

Jasart synthetic brushes can be used with a variety of paints, including acrylic, watercolour, gouache, poster, tempera and more. These Jasart Brush Wallet Sets contain gold synthetic brushes with a pearl white handle.

Presented in a handy wallet, these brush sets are great gifts for artists of all levels or a handy brush set for on the go, allowing you to easily securely store your brushes.


Jasart Graphite Sketch Pencils

ONLY $2.25

Jasart Graphite Sketch Pencils are made with a high-quality wooden barrel that fully bonds to the lead so that it can be sharpened smoothly and prevents breakage.

Jasart Graphite Sketch Pencils are available in 12 grades to meet your sketching needs.