Japanese Calligraphy Rice Paper

Japanese Calligraphy Rice Paper is suitable for sumi e style artists and calligraphists. Unsized Japanese Calligraphy Rice Paper (rolls) are best spontaneous painting with bold and fast brush strokes in an abstract style - think Zen, as it soaks the ink and colours deep into the paper and the slight rough texture energises the brush handling. Alternatively, the Japanese Calligraphy Rice Paper sheets are perfect for detailed, delicate painting. Perfect for academics, where the ink does not penetrate the paper and multiple, slow brush strokes produce the best result.



780mm x 504mm 60gsm Shin Hosho White Sheet


715mm x 760mm 32gsm Kohzo Cream Sheet


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620mm x 920mm 60gsm Chiri Cream Sheet


300mm x 15m 50gsm Kongo White Roll


970mm x 10m 60gsm Wenzhou Roll


457mm x 1270mm 30gsm Taiwanese Roll