Jacquard Marbling Starter Kit

Create colourful and unique swirl patterns on paper, fabric and more with the Jacquard Marbling Starter Kit. Marbling involves creating a pattern of paints that floats on the surface of a liquid. Paper or fabric is then laid on the surface to pick up the paint and transfer the design.

The Jacquard Marbling Starter Kit Contains:

  • 6 x 14ml bottles of Marbling colours (Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Green and White)
  • 0.14kg Alum Mordant
  • 56.7g Methocel
  • Instruction Sheet

You'll need:

  • Shallow tray approx 2" deep
  • Fabric or Paper (to marble on)
  • Household Ammonia
  • Newsprint
  • Combs, hair picks, skewers


Marbling Starter Kit