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Holbein Canvas Pliers

Holbein Canvas Pliers are nickelled, die-cast alloy pliers with a spring-loaded handle.



No. 1053-2

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Holbein Plastic Palette

NOW $17.05

Holbein Plastic Palette No.1024-DM made from white plastic suitable for all mediums, with 4 large circle, 4 large square and 8 small circle wells


Holbein Palette Cup & Lid

NOW $7.65

The Holbein Palette Cup & Lid clips on to palettes for easy access to mediums and minimises spillage - perfect for artists' on the move!


Holbein Plastic Folding Palette

NOW $30.85

Holbein Plastic Folding Palette is a white plastic which seals closed. The Holbein Plastic Folding Palette features slanted wells, large mixing areas and thumb holes.