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Gum Paper Tape

Gum Paper Tape is used to stretch watercolour paper. Gum Paper Tape is also useful for bookbinding and is activated with water.



48mm x 184m Roll

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3M Scotch 810 Magic Tape

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3M Scotch Magic Tape is a high quality, matte-finish, invisible tape. It appears frosty when rolled on but almost becomes invisible on paper.

This tape will not yellow or dry out with age. 3M Scotch Magic Tape can be written or typed on and is great for the office, home or school.


Kraft Brown Tape Roll

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Kraft Brown Tape Roll is a premium quality framer's tape that easily adheres to surfaces and itself.


X-Press It Masking Tape

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X-Press It Masking Tape is a high-quality masking tape for masking painted areas, provides a straight edge to paint over.


X-Press It Double Sided Tape

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X-Press It Double Sided Tape is a suitable adhesive for a wide range of surfaces, but is particularly used for scrapbooking and on photographs.

Featuring an easy to peel release (tear by hand) on an extra long roll, X-Press It Double Sided Tape is a heat resistant, solvent & acid free premium adhesive.