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National Art Materials Round Canvas Panels

National Art Materials Round Canvas Panels are primed canvas die cut on a firm core base with backing paper. These canvas pannels are suitable for acrylic, oil and mixed media. Let your imagination run wide with these round canvas panels!



6 inch White


8 inch White


8 inch Black


10 inch White


10 inch Black


12 inch White


12 inch Black


16 inch White


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Canvas Boards

FROM $1.85

These canvas panels are made from 100% cotton canvas board. A 380gsm (7oz) medium texture canvas stretched over 3.5mm hardboard core. The canvas is also triple primed with acrylic gesso. Perfect for oils, acrylics and alkyds.


Round Wooden Panels

FROM $8.60

Round Wooden Panels are suitable for a variety of mediums and techniques. They can be used in their raw state or primed with an acrylic gesso for more surface grip.

The 4mm birchwood top ensures the surface won't bend or stretch as you work it and it sits on a 19mm thick MDF base.


Academy Thick (1.5") Edge Canvases

FROM $3.55

Academy Canvas is 100% cotton which is ideal for use with oil, acrylic or alkyd paints. The stretcher bars are made from Swedish pine which results in a very strong support to the canvas. The bars are also sustainably sourced. Academy canvas is 280gsm (5oz) weight, is triple primed with quality acrylic gesso and is back stapled. The thick edge Academy canvas range is 1.5” thick. Ideal for artists, hobbyists and students.


Artitude Canvas Packs

ONLY $37.05

Economical canvas value packs, ideal for use in the classroom as well as studio for lighter applications or studies.

Artitude canvases are primed with an acrylic acid-free gesso, making them suitable for use with acrylic, oil, gouache or other paints, as well as mixed media techniques.

Back stapled canvases with a clean edge which is 3/4" thick.