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Fabricfun Pastel Dye Sticks

Fabricfun Pastel Dye Sticks are the simple and safe way to create fun and unique designs on clothes, bags and home furnishings. This fabric dye offer brilliant colours and are acid free.

Fabricfun Pastel Dye Sticks are permanent once heat set and can be machine washed. To customise your fabrics, simply draw on your fabric with dye sticks, cover with a soft paper and iron to heat set.



Assorted Colours Set 7



Assorted Colours Set 15




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Jacquard Lumiere Fabric Paints 70ml

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Jacquard Lumiere Fabric Paints are perfect for many fabrics and surfaces including silk, wool, cotton, leather, synthetic fabrics, wood and paper. When dry, Jacquard Lumiere Fabric Paint remains soft and flexible.The colours can be heat fixed with an iron or hair dryer.

These paints clean up with soap and water, yet once heat set, Jacquard Lumiere Fabric Paints are flexible and washable or dry cleanable on most fabrics.


Pebeo 7A Fabric Markers

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Pebeo 7A Light Fabric Markers contain water based acrylic paint which is suitable for use on most textile materials such as cotton, suede, linen and leather.  As the colours are bright and intense, lighter coloured fabrics are recommended.

The 1mm bullet nib allows for more detail in your work.


EC Fabric & Craft Paints 250ml

ONLY $11.05

EC Fabric & Craft Paints are non-toxic paints suitable for wide range of fabrics including cotton, calico, denim and more. Also suitable for surfaces including canvas, wood, MDF board and more.

EC Fabric & Craft Paints are ideal for use in kids activity projects including t-shirt deign and more!

Made in Australia.


Jacquard iDye Fabric Dyes 14g

ONLY $12.55

Jacquard iDye Fabric Dye makes dying your fabrics fast, easy and mess free. iDye is for natural fibres like cotton and iDye Poly is for synthetic fabrics.
Jacquard iDye Fabric Dye is simple to use. iDye is applied onto the fabric using the washing machine method and the inner dye packet is water soluble, so you do not have to handle any messy powders. The stove top method is used for iDye Poly and dark/bright iDye natural colours.