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Fabriano 1264 Sketch Pads

Fabriano 1264 Sketch Pads provide the ideal surface to bring your ideas to life. Its fine-tooth paper is silky-smooth, perfect for capturing your inspiration in pencil, pen, marker, and pastel.

Graphite pencil marks can easily be erased from the surface without damaging the paper, so you can keep working and refining your ideas.
The acid-free 90gsm paper delivers a crisp finish that helps bring your drawings to life. It has a beautiful warm white colour that brings out the best of any artwork, no matter what medium you use.

The pad is gummed on the short edge so it’s easy to flip through pages while you’re working in portrait orientation. Fabriano 1264 Sketch Pads are perfect for making sketches, quick drawings, doodles or note taking and brainstorming.



A4 90gsm 100 Sheets



A3 90gsm 100 Sheets