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EC Plastic Water Pot

The EC Plastic Water Pot is made from white plastic and is the perfect accompaniment to any young artists' studio.



95mm x 70mm

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EC PVA Craft Glue

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EC PVA Craft Glue is a general purpose adhesive ideal for internal usage. This adhesive performs best when used for woodwork, paper, board, fabric and craft work.

EC PVA Craft Glue is non-toxic and dries clear.


EC Construction Popsticks Pack

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Designed with grooves to slot together easily, the EC Construction Popsticks make constructing 3-dimensional projects easy. 


EC Face Masks

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EC Face Masks are made from papier mache, making them suitable for painting and decorating. Full face and half face masks are available and come with elastic.
EC Face Masks are ideal for kids craft projects, school drama performances, fancy-dress parties, and art classes.


EC Plastic Palettes

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EC Plastic Palettes are vacu-formed white plastic pans suitable for mixing or holding paint. Use EC Plastic Palettes with acrylic, watercolour, gouache and tempera.