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EC Paint Stampers Sets

EC Paint Stampers Sets specifically designed for small hands. They are perfect for home or classroom use. They are made of plastic and measure 80mm high with a stamp diameter of 60mm. Ideal for general art activities and theme projects. A great project idea is to have your child create their own wrapping paper for the gift giving seasons. EC Paint Stampers Sets can also be used to leave imprints in dough.



Fairy Set 6


Sea Life Set 6


Dinosaur Set 6


Paint Effect Set 6


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EC Drawing Ink

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EC Drawing Ink is a water-based transparent ink, blended with shellac for quick drying. It is waterproof when dry and has a low resistance to light.

16 Brilliant colours available in 30ml and 500ml, with black ink available in 2L.
EC Drawing Ink is suitable for paper, card and most porous surfaces.

Apply EC Drawing Ink with a brush or nibs, great for calligraphy, artworks and craft projects. Due to its quick drying, it is not recommended for airbrushing.


EC Splash Classroom Acrylic Paint

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EC Splash Classroom Acrylic Paint is a non-toxic & water-based acrylic paint. Designed for kinder and junior users, EC Splash Classroom Acrylic Paint provides dynamic colours with minimal fuss!


EC Rainbow Paint

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EC Rainbow Paint is a ready-mixed, quality paint which brings exceptional value and versatility to the classroom and home. EC Rainbow Paint is non-toxic, washable and Australian made, so you can relax while letting your child's creativity flow!


EC Block Printing Ink

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EC Block Printing Ink is an economical, water-based ink, ideal for lino printing. It is non-toxic making it great for beginners and students. EC Block Printing Ink dries by moisture evaporation and absorption into the paper. When doing overprinting, absorbent paper such as cartridge or newsprint can be used to speed up the drying process.