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D&L Craft Sticks Jumbo

D L Craft Sticks Jumbo are an extra large paddle pop type stick. They are perfect for school or for home craft projects. Use D L Craft Sticks Jumbo to construct rafts, boxes, houses, coasters or make little paddle pop people. Fantastic for kids to use to create presents for loved ones.



100 Pieces



100 Pieces Colour




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D&L Jute Twine

ONLY $5.95

D&L Jute Twine serve a variety of purposes, from functional to decorative.

Such purposes include:

  • As ribbon is gift wrapping
  • To hang photo frames, wreaths etc
  • To tie napkins
  • To make birds’ nests
  • To make spiderwebs for Halloween
  • To decorate greeting cards
  • Peg photos to twine and hang around your home
  • For knitting and crochet projects
  • To make braided jewellery
  • To use in weaving, especially hand weaving
  • To make dolls, either by plaiting into arms and legs, or winding and wrapping it similar to yarn or cornhusk dolls.

D&L Paraffin Wax

NOW $10.75

Parrafin Wax is a colourless and flammable oil/wax obtained in the distilling of petroleum. D&L Paraffin Wax is often used as a material for modelling and in wash-resist techniques such as batik, either as a substitute for bees wax, or as a supplement to it. Paraffin Wax can also be used in encaustic and candlemaking.


D&L Polystyrene Sheets

FROM $4.05

Lightweight and sturdy for any craft, the D&L Polystyrene Sheets cuts easily with a knife making it perfect for any project. 


D&L Florist Wire

FROM $45.60

Used for robust wire work, D&L Florist Wire is the strongest florist wire available. It can easily be moved and shaped, making it ideal for a variety of floral works. 

The D&L Florist Wire coated with green paper is available in pre-cut lengths (Stub wire) and is not galvanised, so it is more prone to rust after long periods of time.