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Derwent Line & Wash Mixed Media Set

Derwent Line & Wash Set is a curated collection specifically for urban sketchers to include paint pans and water-resistant pens. This paint palette contains some of Derwent’s most loved Inktense colours, Graphitint colours for muted tones and 2 neutral lighter shades.

Compact, self-contained, and portable for on location sketching with 12 paint pans and 2 Line Maker pens

1 x Black Line Maker 0.3mm pen
1 x Sepia Line Maker 0.3mm pen
12 x paint pans

Colour Palette: Sun Yellow, Mango, Poppy Red, Autumn Red, Port, Bright Blue, Paynes Grey, Ocean Blue, Meadow, Artichoke, Natural Brown and Storm Grey.



Set 14

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Derwent Inktense Blocks

FROM $44.50

An extremely versatile medium, Derwent Inktense Blocks can be used wet or dry to create deep, intense colour washes. Combining the brilliance of Derwent Inktense Pencils with the freedom of blocks, Derwent Inktense Blocks are ideal for layering, free marking, covering large areas and use on silk, cotton, canvas and paper. Once dry the colour is permanent and you can work over the top of it.

Derwent Inktense Blocks are

  • water soluble for a vibrant ink effect.
  • permanent for use on fabrics like silk and cotton
  • easy to blend and can be mixed with water to create translucent, ink-like effects

Before using Derwent Inktense Blocks, get to know the basics of watercolour with our Getting to Know the Techniques and Basics of Watercolour guide. Mixing watercolour ratios can be difficult and while Derwent Inktense Blocks make painting in colour easy, it pays to have a good grip on watercolour and how to mix and use watercolour mediums effectively.

Buy yourself a watercolour journal and get started on your Inktense colour journey.


Derwent Paint Pan Pastel Shades Set

NOW $46.30

Derwent Pastel Shades Paint is a gouache style pigmented paint within a palette formulation, in soft and playful pastel shades Fast-absorbing paints and can be applied delicately as a light wash or layered for brighter colour combinations.

Layer up in thick opaque layers allowing the colour to dry as a bright, matte finish.

Ideal as a complimentary set to the Inktense and Metallic paint sets to create an array of dramatic effects.

Colour Palette:
Lemon, Peach, Coral Pink, Pink Flamingo, Orchid Pink, Lavender, Cornflower Blue, Turquoise, Mint, Artichoke, Storm Grey and Silver Blue.


Derwent Paint Pan Tinted Charcoal Set

NOW $46.30

Derwent Paint Pan Tinted Charcoal Set lets artists enjoy the inimitable quality of charcoal art with a twist. Derwent’s uniquely formulated tinted charcoal paints are water-soluble. Adding just a hint of colour to the charcoal base, this palette of 12 deep, muted tones provides a high level of creative control with a white pan for highlighting.

Each colour quickly and easily mixes, creating atmospheric and expressive results, with a matte, textured finish. Blend colours wet, apply in layers and lift, smudge or draw over when dry.
This compact, self-contained set contains 12 tinted charcoal paint pans, five mixing palettes, a waterbrush, and a sponge for cleaning.

Ideal for a wide variety of creative effects, from rich, deep tones to a translucent-like mist. Blend colours, apply in layers and lift when wet or smudge or draw over when dry. A wide variety of subtle tones can be created from deep dense blacks to creating highlights with the white pan. Portable - Ideal for travel and outdoor use with everything needed to paint on the go

Colour Palette: Dark Moss, Forest Pine, Driftwood, Mountain Blue, Ocean Deep, Thistle, Glowing Embers, Burnt Embers, Burnt Earth, Natural, Dark and White


Derwent Line & Wash Sketching Set

NOW $54.50

Containing pencils, a paper stump and water soluble sketching pencils, the Derwent Line & Wash Sketching Set is a quality set offering excellent value. All your line & wash sketching needs can be found in this one handy set, allowing you to create exciting splashes of graphite, dynamic tones and dramatic lines.

Presented in a stylish and practical double layer silver tin the Derwent Line & Wash Sketching Set contains 13 pieces:

  • 6 x Graphic Pencils (4B, 2B, B, HB, H, 2H) - made from the finest quality graphite and purest clays
  • 2 x 4B Water Soluble Sketching Pencils - great for quick loose sketches, a softer feel and expressive, tonal drawings
  • 1 x HB Waterbrush
  • 1 x Eraser Shield
  • 1 x Paper Stump
  • 1 x Sharpener
  • 1 x Plastic Eraser

The compact size of the tin allows you take your Derwent Line & Wash Sketching Set with you on the go. The water brush with water reservoir ensures you always have water with you and that you don’t need to carry a jar of water or a brush with you if sketching outside. The pencil range is excellent for allowing for a range of tonal studies and line work and the paper stump allows you to blend materials and colours. Purchase one today and experiment with a range of techniques.