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Derivan Spreader

Derivan Spreader is a transparent, flowing paste which is hardly discernible when dry. Imparting fine flow, controlled spreadability & lubrication, Derivan Spreader is primarily used for glazing and spreading large volumes of colour.










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Derivan Gesso Primer

FROM $16.80

Derivan Gesso Primer gives an excellent tooth for easy paint manipulation.

Suitable for use on canvas, board and paper, Derivan Gesso Primer is a water-based product and able to be thinned down if desired.


Derivan Cracking Medium

NOW $16.50

Derivan Cracking Medium, when sandwiched between two layers of Matisse Background Colours, creates a cracked & weathered look. Derivan Cracking Medium is water-based and may not perform as well with other brands of paint.


Derivan Block Ink Medium & Extender 250Ml

NOW $19.50

Derivan Block Ink Medium Extender is a versatile medium that can be used in two ways to create relief prints. Add Derivan Block Ink Medium Extender to extend the colour without diluting the structure of your paint.

Up to a 1:1 ratio the colour will be extended, after this the colour will start to become more transparent. Derivan Block Ink Medium Extender can also be added to Matisse Structure Acrylic colours to create block printing ink. A ratio of 1:1 is recommended.


Derivan Impasto

FROM $23.05

Derivan Impasto Medium is a full-bodied texture paste and modelling compound that dries to a water-resistant, low subdued sheen which is similar to the sheen on a dried paint film of Matisse Acrylic Paint.  Although Derivan Impasto Medium is not fully transparent when dry, it will not alter the richness of colours substantially.