Copic Wide Markers

Exactly as the name suggests, Copic Wide Markers feature a very broad tip that’s ideal for backgrounds and large areas. There are 36 colours in the range, including one empty marker so you can create a wide marker in any colour your choose. Colour numbers are listed on the cap.
Copic Wide Markers are the premium choice for covering large areas quickly and easily. Their short, flat body makes markers easy to grip and the two choices of nib - the broad calligraphy nib or the extra broad nib - allows you to customise your Copic Wide Marker according to your needs. Great for calligraphy, architectural designs, graffiti, product rendering and background colouring, Copic Wide Markers are something every artist should have in their creative belt.

  • The extra broad nib allows you to colour large sections with a consistent stroke
  • The nibs are replaceable and ink refillable so you only need to by a Copic marker once
  • An airtight lid design ensures your Copic Wide Markers don’t dry out when being stored
  • Copic Wide Markers can be refilled 7 times from a single bottle of Copic ink.

When you invest in Copic Wide Markers you have your markers for life. Committing to such as investment might seem daunting but as the highest quality alcohol marker on the market, they are highly regarded by professional artists, illustrators, designers and crafters. You’ll never regret an investment into Copic.