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Copic Sketch Marker Set 72C

Investing in Copic is a lifetime investment. Copic Sketch Markers offer the widest colour range from Copic, with 358 refillable colours and four different nib options available. The chisel nib and unique super brush nib provides the ultimate colouring flexibility and is handmade in Japan. Nibs are replaceable and changeable too.

Copic Sketch Markers are alcohol based and translucent, making them perfect for layering, rendering and blending. The wide colour range lets you achieve variation in colour tones to add depth, dimension and shadow to your artwork or professional piece. High quality and double-ended, artistic uses include cartoon illustration, fashion design, manga and anime drawing, scrapbooking, colouring stamps and colouring.

Copic Sketch Markers are the choice of professional artists, illustrators, designers and crafters and are compatible with the Copic Airbrushing System. Copic Sketch Marker Sets come in handy clear plastic storage and are the ideal way to build your Copic Sketch Marker collection.

Copic Sketch Marker Set Assorted Colour 72C contains Toner Gray No.0, Toner Gray No.1, Toner Gray No.2, Toner Gray No.3, Toner Gray No.4, Toner Gray No.5, Toner Gray No.6, Toner Gray No.7, Toner Gray No.8, Toner Gray No.9, Toner Gray No.10, Warm Gray No.0, Warm Gray No.2, Warm Gray No.4, Warm Gray No.6, Warm Gray No.8, Warm Gray No.10, White, Flagstone Blue, Tahitian Blue, Cyanine Blue, Cotton Pearl, Redwood, Caribe Cocoa, Milk Chocolate, Toast, Raw Silk, Light Camel, Walnut, Maroon, Neutral Gray No.0, Neutral Gray No.2, Neutral Gray No.4, Neutral Gray No.6, Neutral Gray No.8, Neutral Gray No.10, Green Bice, Salad, Lettuce Green, Anise, New Leaf, Celadon Green, Cobalt Green, Pea Green, Spanish Olive, Marine Green, Veronese Green, Bright Parrot Green, Wax White, Willow, Dim Green, Spring Dim Green, Holiday Blue, Horizon Green, Sugared Almond Pink, Pale Pink, Tender Pink, Begonia Pink, Deep Magenta, Dog Rose Flower, Shadow Pink, Pinkish White, Salmon Red, Pale Cherry Pink, Lipstick Orange, Coral, Apricot, Sanguine, Cream, Napoli Yellow, Yellowish Beige, Honey



Set 72C