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Copic Marker Set 72B

Copic Markers are a versatile, double-ended marker with an alcohol based ink which dries acid-free. They are non-toxic and ideal for drawing, rendering and Architectural design. Copic Markers are refillable and nibs can be replaced. Copic Marker Sets come in a hard acrylic case that enables easy access when using. Copic Markers can be used with the Copic Airbrush System.

The broad nib offers coverage over larger areas and the fine nib is suited to more detailed work. The Copic Original range enhances fine art projects, calligraphy and more!

Copic Marker Assorted Colour Set 72B contains Phthalo Blue, Mint Green, Flagstone Blue, Frost Blue, Mint Blue, Robin's Egg Blue, Tahitian Blue, Lipstick Natural, Light Mahogany, Barley Beige, Light Suntan, Dark Suntan, Redwood, Caribe Cocoa, Milk Chocolate, Brick Beige, Toast, Brick White, Dark Bark, Mauve Shadow, Lilac, Cerise, Begonia Pink, Lipstick Orange, Blush, Lipstick Red, Coral, Barium Yellow, Canary Yellow, Golden Yellow, Green Bice, Grass Green, Spectrum Green, Malachite, Pine Tree Green, New Blue, Holiday Blue, Warm Gray No.0, Warm Gray No.2, Warm Gray No.4, Warm Gray No.6, Warm Gray No.8, Warm Gray No.10, Toner Gray No.0, Toner Gray No.1, Toner Gray No.2, Toner Gray No.3, Toner Gray No.4, Toner Gray No.5, Toner Gray No.6, Toner Gray No.7, Toner Gray No.8, Toner Gray No.9, Toner Gray No.10, Cool Gray No.0, Cool Gray No.2, Cool Gray No.4, Cool Gray No.6, Cool Gray No.8, Cool Gray No.10, Neutral Gray No.0, Neutral Gray No.1, Neutral Gray No.2, Neutral Gray No.3, Neutral Gray No.4, Neutral Gray No.5, Neutral Gray No.6, Neutral Gray No.7, Neutral Gray No.8, Neutral Gray No.9, Neutral Gray No.10, White



Set 72B