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Copic Ciao Marker Set 72B

Copic Ciao Sets offer similar features to Sketch Marker Sets. Originally introduced to appeal to young manga artists Copics are great markers for colouring. They are extremely high quality, and also refillable. This means that they can last you for life if they are properly maintained. To build on your Copic Ciao Set and the colour tones, depth, dimension and shadow you can create, markers can be purchased individually.

Copic Ciao markers feature a round, smooth and solid polypropylene barrel that’s smooth and comfortable for a perfect and controllable grip. A super brush and durable, medium broad polyester nib acts like a paintbrush for variable-width strokes which are permanent on many surfaces, including paper, leather, wood, fabric, plastic, and faux fur. Copic Ciao Markers feature:

  • An inner seal and choke-proof venting making Copic Ciao markers suitable for children.
  • Alcohol-based ink that protects the fibres in paper for more vibrant colours.
  • A refillable system and replaceable nibs making them an affordable, long-term and environmentally-friendly option.

A Copic Ciao Set is the perfect choice for an introductory marker or when you have a limited budget but still want the Copic quality and a diverse colour range.

Copic Ciao Marker Assorted Colour Set 72B contains Light Crockery Blue, Light Grayish Cobal, Night Blue, Barley Beige, Brick Beige, Dull Ivory, Dark Bark, Egg Shell, Raw Silk, Light Walnut, Champagne, Maroon, Tea Rose, Tea Orange, Warm Gray No.1, Warm Gray No.3, Warm Gray No.5, Warm Gray No.7, Pea Green, Putty, Pale Olive, Jade Green, Nile Green, Apple Green, Ocean Green, Verdigris, Grayish Olive, Holiday Blue, Horizon Green, Duck Blue, Bush, Robin's Egg Blue, Ice Blue, Smoky Blue, Pale Blue Gray, Light Hydrangea, Lipstick Orange, Light Prawn, Coral, Carmine, Strong Red, Rose Red, Apricot, Yellow Ochre, Light Reddish Yellow, Spring Orange, Orange, Pale Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Buttercup Yellow, Lionet Gold, Honey, Mimosa Yellow, New Leaf, Hydrangea Blue, Deep Reddish Blue, Grayish Lavender, Slate, Pale Lavender, Pale Heath, Lavender, Mallow, Pale Grape, Light Grape, Pale Purple, Cerise, Tender Pink, Dark Pink, Baby Blossoms, Pinkish White, Salmon Red, Pale Cherry Pink



Set 72B