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Conte A Paris Compressed Charcoal Sticks

Conte Compressed Charcoal Sticks create darker marks and lines that willow charcoal. Compressed charcoal is much more dense and stronger than willow, so will not break as easily.













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Conte A Paris Pastel Sketching Pencils

ONLY $5.95

Conte A Paris Pastel Pencils are suitable for fine detail as well as laying down large areas of colour. Their fine lead easily sharpens to a fine point, while also moving smoothly across large areas.

Get the best results using with a quality pastel paper or medium texture cartridge or also watercolour paper. Perfect for sketching, potrait or landscape designs as well as colouring in.


Conte A Paris Sketching / Life Drawing Pencils

FROM $3.00

Conte A Paris Sketching & Life Drawing Pencils provide rich hues with line and shade possibilities to cover all sketching requirements.


Conte A Paris Carre Crayons

ONLY $4.75

Conte Carres Crayons contain a unique formulation. They are harder than soft pastels, so create little dust. The colours in the range are rich and vivid and they mix together well. Their opacity means colours pop on darker papers.

The square shape allows for colour blocking by using the side, or detail work using the corners. Use on many drawing surfaces, such as pastel paper, cartridge paper or newsprint.