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Colby Carry Satchel #730

The Colby Carry Satchel is a high quality, lightweight satchel. Featuring copy-safe, flexible and water-resistant material with a card window, handle and gussets that expand at the sides and base.



Black A3


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Clear A3


Black A2


Clear A2


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Colby Easel Display Books

NOW $32.55

Colby Easel Display Books are a premium quality, copy-safe display book with each of the 20 pages having black insert paper. The covers are solid, wire re-inforced and fabric edged, with the sleeves ultrasonically welded to the spine. Colby Easel Display Books are made from archival quality, copy-safe and acid free polypropylene.


Colby 257 Refillable Display Folder Sleeves

FROM $8.70

A high quality range of archival quality display book refill pockets made to suit both the Colby Art 257 Series refillable Display Books and Australian standard paper sizes.

Colby Art 257 Series Refillable Display Books, are lightly embossed, antistatic, copy safe, acid free and photo friendly polypropylene covers and pages, making them perfect for presentation and long term storage of artwork, photos and other documents.


Colby Zippered Binder Display Book

ONLY $55.40


The Colby Zippered Binder Display Book features premium quality copy-safe and zippered double A3 pages. It is a refillable display book with a card window and featuring clip fitting and spine handle.

Refill with Colby Art Display Book Refill Pockets.


Colby 257 Refillable Display Folder

FROM $15.40

Colby 257 Refillable Display Folder is a premium quality folder with an archival cover and acid-free, copy safe polypropylene pockets. It includes black acid free insert paper and plastic snap clips to make refilling, your Colby 257 Refillable Display Folder, easy.