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Chromacryl Gesso Primer

Chromacryl Gesso Primer is perfect for preparing surfaces such as canvas, cardboard, illustration board and paper. With excellent covering power and a smooth, even finish, Chromacryl Gesso Primer has very fine "tooth" and is quick to dry.
















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Chromacryl Finishing Varnish

NOW $23.00

Chromacryl Finishing Varnish is a water-based varnish for acrylic paintings which provides a tough, clear and non-tacky surface. Chromacryl Finishing Varnish is perfect for all artworks and surfaces where hard, heat-resistant varnish is required.


Chromacryl Binder Medium

FROM $15.20

Chromacryl Binder Medium is an excellent primer used to seal and prepare all painting surfaces or extend paint. Highly versatile, Chromacryl Binder Medium is ideal for glazing, and is also an excellent adhesive for collage or papier mache applications. Dries clear.


Chromacryl Impasto Gel

FROM $15.20

Chromacryl Impasto Gel can be mixed with acrylic paint to add more body. Milky when wet, but clear-drying, Chromacryl Impasto Gel remains flexible, making it best-suited to building thick structure and texture.

Also an excellent adhesive for mixed media, Chromacryl Impasto Gel can be used for thick glazing and heavier objects in collage work or 3D construction.


Chromacryl Clear Gel Medium

FROM $10.05

Chromacryl Clear Gel Medium is a clear medium extender that changes the coverage quality of paint and ink to achieve colour glazes without affecting pigments. Chromacryl Clear Gel Medium is ideal for monoprinting and overprinting. Use as a paint extender, for transparent glazing or as a release agent when applied to a surface prior to paint application. Chromacryl Clear Gel Medium can also be used as a reduction paste in silkscreen painting.