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X-Press It


Cartridge Paper

FROM $56.40

Heavyweight (150gsm) Cartridge Paper is suitable for use with dry media such as pencils, charcoals, crayons, chalks and sketching pencils.

If you're an artist or beginner looking to preserve your artwork, this acid-free & heavyweight Cartridge Paper is ideal.


X-Press It Imitation Metallic Leaf

FROM $19.00

Everbright Imitation Metallic Leaf can be used for gilding and decorating craft projects.

140x140mm sheets. Interleaved.

Images shows Everbright Imitation Metallic Gold Leaf


Flexible Foamboard

NOW $1.50

Flexible Foamboard is suitable for printing, painting, gluing, bonding and laminating. Flexible Foamboard is lightweight, curves without creasing and is easily manipulated with scissors. Made from 3mm polystyrene foam.


Kraft Brown Tape Roll

FROM $11.65

Kraft Brown Tape Roll is a premium quality framer's tape that easily adheres to surfaces and itself.


X-Press Aqua Watercolour Paper

NOW $4.55

X-Press Aqua Watercolour Paper is suitable for wet and dry applications. Ideal for use with multimedia and watercolour applications, X-Press Aqua Watercolour Paper is acid-free and also excellent for card making.


X-Press Cartridge Paper Roll

NOW $53.00

The X-Press Cartridge Paper Roll are made from 100gsm acid-free white paper. Suitable for use with all dry media.


X-Press It Black Board

NOW $7.10

X-Press It Black Board is a versatile heavyweight, solid black card. It is ideal for mounting, craft projects and model making purposes.

Made with sturdy 400gsm or 600 micron card, it can be cut with a craft knife or mat cutter and suitable for use with double sided tape, spray adhesive, tacky craft glue, pva glue and hot glue gun.

X-Press It Black Board can also be decorated with light applications of acrylic paint.


X-Press It Book Binding Boards

NOW $3.40

X-Press It Bookbinding Board is ideal for scrapbooking covers. Double sided, (smooth/textured) it is durable and great for Architectural students and crafter alike.

It has high rigidity and 62% more dense than boxboard. It can be primed with gesso to make an affordable painting surface.


X-Press It Double Sided Tape

FROM $2.05

X-Press It Double Sided Tape is a suitable adhesive for a wide range of surfaces, but is particularly used for scrapbooking and on photographs.

Featuring an easy to peel release (tear by hand) on an extra long roll, X-Press It Double Sided Tape is a heat resistant, solvent & acid free premium adhesive.


X-Press It Marker Storage Holder

NOW $73.25

The X-Press It Marker Storage Holder is designed for storing markers, pens, pencils & more. It is made from solid clear acrylic case with 24 sections.

It measures 126 x 219 x 110mm and holds up to 96 markers.

X-Press It Marker Storage Holder can be stored horizontally, vertically or upright and has self adhesive feet to stop it slipping. This case is compatible with marker carry case.

*Holder is provided empty (markers not included).


X-Press It Masking Tape

FROM $2.25

X-Press It Masking Tape is a high-quality masking tape for masking painted areas, provides a straight edge to paint over.


X-Press It Metal Leaf Flakes

ONLY $24.80

Ideal for decorative projects, arts and crafts, the X-press It Metal Leaf Flakes are metal leaf flakes that can be used in a variety of surfaces such as paper, wood, resin, and clay. (Use varnish after baking clay)

Use with a water-based gilding size on surfaces before laying leaf flakes. For resin, metal flakes can be applied directly onto the board, or mixed in depending on desired effect. 


X-Press It Self-Adhesive Foamboard

FROM $4.10

X-Press It Self-Adhesive Foamboard has a high-density foam core and adhesive coating. Protected by an easy-to-peel liner, X-Press it Self-Adhesive Foamboard is ideal for mounting posters and photographs.


X-Press It Transfer Papers

FROM $26.25

Easily transfer designs to any surfaces with the Xpress-It Transfer Paper. Easy to use, Xpress-It Transfer paper allows you to transfer the traditional way, or inkjet. 

For inkjet trasfers, print your design in low ink settings onto a matte white paper side. Wait for it to dry and then trace onto surface. For Traditional transfers, place Xpress-It Transfer Paper face down on your surface, and place your image over the top. Face up and start tracing.


X-Press It Wet Media Acetate

FROM $1.75

Xpress-It Wet Media Acetate Sheets are treated on both sides allowing almost any liquid drawing medium to stay on without chipping, cracking or beading up. Can be cleaned with water.


X-Press It Zipper Tray

NOW $19.30

Suitable for pens, pencils, markers and more, the X-press It Zipper Tray is a two-tone durable waterproof fabric case with a sturdy zipper and integrated zip handle. (Contents not included)