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Cotton Gloves

NOW $6.10

Use Cotton Gloves to keep oil and moisture from transferring onto delicate works.


Lino Wood Tools Set

NOW $21.45

This Lino Wood Tools Set is ideal for beginners and students. Constructed using high quality steel, the tool set is suitable for lino cutting, as well as carving soapstone or talcstone.
Great for creating smooth and sharp lines as well as carving larger areas.

The Lino Wood Tools Set Includes 1 U & 2 V cutting shapes. 


Schut Etching Paper

NOW $13.20

Schut Etching paper is a great value rag paper that even students can afford. Made especially for editioners and etchers, it is off-white in shade and 100% rag neutral pH. The paper is 250gsm, and 560 x 760mm in size.
Schut Etching paper originates from the Papierfabrik Schut Mill, Holland's oldest paper mill, established in 1618.


Silk Cut Lino

FROM $7.95

An ideal surface for all printmakers, Silk Cut Lino offers softness and consistency with no slippage.

Pencil-drawn lines are easily visible on Silk Cut Lino and holds sharp lines for clearer prints.


Solar Etching Plate

NOW $51.65

Solar Etching Plates are the ideal alternative to working with traditional hazardous techniques requiring grounds, acids and solvents. They are simple to use, pre-sensitised and self-etching polymer plates.

To use, place a transparency of an image on top of the Solar Etching Plate, expose to sunlight, run water over the plate to reveal an instant plate ready for printing.
As it does not use acids to produce etching plates, it is safe to use in the classroom, at home or in the studio.


Studio Double-Sided Vinyl

FROM $7.05

Block printing double sided coloured vinyl is ideal for water-based inks. Studio Double-sided Vinyl is soft enough for beginners to easily use and is flexible so will not chip or crack. The black core reveals the image as the vinyl is cut. Cuts easily, prints clearly and is ideal for fine detail work



FROM $17.00

Tarlatan is used in the etching process to gently wipe away ink on your plate. It is made of starched open weave cotton ideal for maximum ink retention.

Tarlatan can also be used to make a rosin bag for aquatinting. The coarse tarlatan is perfect for letting large pieces of rosin through its holes.


Whiting Powder

NOW $13.30

Whiting Powder is used in the preparation of etching plates. It is made of ground calcium carbonate chalk and free from impurities.

Mix Whiting Powder with water to create a paste to degrease copper or zinc plates before applying ground or aquatinting. To remove tarnishes from plates, mix whiting powder with ammonia.

Whiting Powder can also be added to your etching inks to stiffen and increase body.