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Balsa Wood Packs

Balsa wood is light-weight and the popular material for hobby crafters, model makers, architects and anyone wanting to create a project or model. It is versatile as it can be easily cut through and glued together.

Balsa Assorted Pack 152 contains: 10 Sheets (70mm x 100mm x 3mm), 2 Blocks (35mm x 35mm x 70mm), 25 Sticks (3mm x 9mm x 150mm), 90 Matches (3mm x 3mm x 50mm) and 25 Bricks (25mm x 10mm x 8mm)



Craft Blocks (Pack 6)


Sticks (Pack 120)


Craft Bricks (Pack 238)


Assorted Balsa Wood (Pack 152)