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Artline 993 Calligraphy Pen

The Artline 993 Calligraphy Pen contains metallic ink made with pigments with reflective qualities. The ink will not bleed through paper and is smudge resistant. The Artline 993 Calligraphy Pen is ideal for invitations, certificates, illustrations and any form of special lettering. 2.5mm tip.







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Artline 231 Technical Pen

ONLY $8.45

The Artline 231 Technical Pen creates fine lines for drawing, technical drawing and general writing. The acid-free, water-based ink is fade-proof, water and smudge resistant, making the Artline 231 Technical Pen perfect for precision work.

Ideal for professional draft work, the Artline 231 Technical Pen glides smoothly and steadily against rulers and stencils.


Artline 200 Fineliner Pen 0.4mm

ONLY $4.35

Artline 200 Fineliner Pens are ideal for general purpose writing and drawing at the office, in schools or at home. This Artline 200 Fineliner Pen range uses water-based ink that dries instantly with no blur. Xylene free.


Artline 210 Fineliner Pen 0.6mm

ONLY $4.35

This medium tip fineliner is ideal for general drawing and sketching. This 0.6mm tip allows you to leave a bolder impression on your work. The Artline 210 Fineliner Pen contains water based ink that dyes instantly and will not blur. Xylene free


Artline 220 Fineliner Pen 0.2mm

ONLY $4.35

Super fine nib fineliner is ideal for use with stencils, lettering or work that require high detail and accuracy. The Artline 220 fineliner is the perfect tool for designers, architects and students. Water based ink dries instantly and does not blur.