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Art Spectrum Palette Knives

Art Spectrum Palette Knives are used for mixing colour on the palette. Different sizes are available and the cranked knife keeps your hand off the palette. Polished steel blades, hardwood handles.



9cm Straight #1047


10cm Straight #1048


11cm Straight #1111


12cm Straight #1049


10cm Straight #1000


10cm Cranked #1046


13cm Straight #1056


16cm Straight #1044


10cm Cranked #1053


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Art Spectrum Painting Knives

FROM $11.15

Art Spectrum Painting Knives are made from flexible steel blades and feature a cranked handle to allow the artist's hand to stay clear of wet paint on the palette or canvas. The flexbility of the blade allows controlled application of paint directly onto canvas.