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How to Use Tombow Markers

Tombow Markers Australia are one of the most trusted brands in the art world, making products that are versatile, high-quality and easy to use. They’re a staple in the art kit of any drawer, cartoonist, sketcher, watercolourist or graphic designer, and are able to be used for a wide range of techniques across many different art disciplines.

Let’s take a look at Tombow Markers and see what all the hype is about.

What are Tombow Brush Pens?

The main drawcard of Tombow Brush Pens is that they have two tips - a flexible brush tip for watercolour and blending, and then a fine-point, hard nylon tip for more exact drawing. Both tips are fed from the same ink reservoir within the pen, ensuring that there’s an exact colour match, no matter which tip you use. The ink used in the pens is an odourless water-based ink that can be blended to create any colour you like.

The flexible nylon brush tip means that you can achieve fine, medium or bold brush strokes simply by changing the pressure on the pen point. The tip is designed to be super resilient, meaning the pen will really last and will be able to constantly spring back to its original shape. The hard nylon tip of the pen enables you to create consistent lines, tight and precise drawings, neat borders, copy markings, and fine calligraphy easily. The pens are also able to be dipped in water to create subtle and beautiful colour washes, as well as being ideal to use with rubber stamps.

From a more practical perspective, the pens are 20 centimetres in length with colour-coded caps so that you can select your perfect colour quickly. The brush nib and hard nib are at opposite ends for easy access, and the anti-roll barrel is great for firm grips and minimising slippages. The pens are also odourless, use non-toxic inks and pigments, and are totally acid-free. Tombow Markers can last for years depending on how you use them, and the tips actually have a ‘self-cleaning’ mechanism that restores them back to their vibrant original colour every time you put the cap back on.

How to use Tombow Markers

The uses for Tombow Markers are pretty much limitless due to their high-quality, vibrant colour range and unique multi-tipped feature.

Watercolour blending

Tombow Markers create amazing blending effects just by themselves, however adding water can really take your art to a whole new dimension. There are a couple of ways that you can create watercolour blending with Tombow, whether it’s in a pre-made colouring book just for fun, or you’re having a go at creating your own unique works.

It’s best to use a paper that’s designed specifically for watercolour if you’re going to use this technique, as because of its thickness, it’s less likely that the colour will bleed through. A watercolour brush will also be needed for blending.

Depending on the colours you’d like to use, you can either blend outwards from a darker colour to a lighter colour, or inwards from a darker colour to a lighter colour in the middle. Simply place the colours you’d like to use in your chosen pattern and then use a small amount of water on the watercolour brush to blend them together seamlessly.

The confetti effect

The confetti effect is a great way to add some fun and interesting detail to your lettering work. It’s very simple to do. Simply draw the shape or write the word that you’re wanting to use, and then draw small dots in a darker colour within the shape or lettering. It looks awesome when they’re just drawn at the bottom (giving the illusion that the confetti is falling), but they can also be drawn all over if you’d prefer. We like using two colours from the same family, such as pink and purple.

3D lettering and shadowing

This is another super simple and easy way to make your lettering look funky with Tombow Markers. Give your lettering a 3D effect by writing your word in a lighter colour, and then adding shadows with a darker colour from the same colour family. This is a great way to add a fun vibe to invitations, posters, flyers or thank you cards!

Adding Tombow Markers to your artistic arsenal

As you can see, there are so many different ways to use Tombow Markers that make it easy to add beautiful versatility and interest to your work. Whether it’s lettering, watercolour blending or just using the vibrant colours of these high-quality markers, they’re the perfect addition to any artistic kit.

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